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​Why not get a Save the Date animation, Invite, Greetings or book advert animation, too? Click on the preview videos below.

Music Video:

Check out my latest animation music video, created for the song "No Meat No Blood No Bones", performed by KMT the Freedom Teacher. I am sure you will enjoy the positive message and macabre imagery on display. "Don't be too scared".

Click to view the video.

The Superhero Academy:

Meet Marvellous Michael, A short animated segment as part of our book promotion.

The Superhero Academy:

Meet Phenomenal Preston, A short animated segment as part of our book promotion.

The Golden Scroll - revised segment:

A short opening animation to The Golden Scroll film.

This is a unique ancient story created by children from the Hackney Pirates organisation.

Save The Date video:

A short animation showing how a couple meet and fall in love.

Book Advertising video:

A short animation For book advertising and branding for the Murray the Milkman character.

Festive Greetings video:

A short animation with a festive greeting.


"Any ideas for your own video?

Then please get in touch".

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