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My Story

Hello! I'm Jason Lee, the founder of Jasonmation. I started this company way back in 2013 simply to provide businesses, individuals and charities with advertising or promotional campaigns. Since 2016, I have been lucky enough to work with many authors by bringing their children's storybooks to life through my colourful Illustrations. 


With the use of digital animation and digital design I am able to create compelling works of art and implement them in projects containing motion graphics, cartoon character animation, children's book illustration, logos and graphic design. 


My mission is to inspire people with my artwork and animation by offering a creative edge. Each piece of work is a labour of love for me. Because of this I am aware of how unique it needs to be for the client and have developed my own process for bringing clients ideas to fruition.

I am currently working for Conscious Dreams Publishing, creating children's book illustrations. I would love to hear from anybody who is looking for an illustrator to bring their project to life.

Just contact me!

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