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The John Blanke experience

So today I had a great meeting with the world-renowned Historian Michael Ohajuru.

I submitted a sketch for his John Blanke Project. So here's a little history about John Blanke..... John Blanke was a well known Trumpeter who played within the Royal pageantry of Henry the viii and for his father Henry VII.

This whole project has enlightened me and made me more aware of the Black presence during the renaissance and the Tudor period. England has a great history surrounding black people, which isn't just about the Windrush but much much more. I will keep learning as I am definitely on a journey which I hope to promote via social media and amongst any other media I can place may hands on.

I would hope If anybody wishes to engage with me to produce more material on such subjects of the black presence of ancient times, then please get in touch.

Michael Ohajuru holds a John Blanke sketch by Jasonmation
John Blanke sketch

Michael Ohajuru and Jason Lee - Jasonmation
Michael Ohajuru and Myself

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